Saas aur Saale ke beach mein Shah Rukh Khan!

Shah Rukh Khan feels at home as his brother-in-law Vikrant and mother-in-law Savita ji joins him on Tere Mere Beach Mein, Sunday, Oct 4th, 9 to 10 pm only on STAR Plus’

For the first time on television, SRK’s brother-in-law Vikrant and mother in law Savita ji joins him to disclose some funny moments of his life. Vikrant teases SRK as he reveals how he has sacrificed his acting skills just to see his jijaji become King Khan.

Shahrukh Khan at Bharat N Dorris Awards in J W Marriott on 8th Sep 2009 (19)
Shahrukh Khan

Everyone has a huge laughter when Vikrant describes how pathetic SRK sounded when he asked permission from Vikrant to dance with his sister Gauri.

“Main yaha hi khada hoon, tu kar le dance, aur ek baat samaj le…Hanky-panky nahi hona chahiye”,

Vikrant warned SRK before letting him dance with Gauri. SRK and Vikrant share a very friendly relation and they keep on cracking jokes on each other.

Savita ji, SRK’s mother in law was not too happy with her daughter’s marriage to Shah Rukh. But she had accepted him as his son-in-law the moment he got married to Gauri. She also revealed that SRK is her advisor now and she gets very tensed when his movies doesn’t work well at the box office.

SRK shared a very funny incident when Karan Johar was directing his first movie and they were having dinner together, Savita ji said,

“I don’t think this guy can make a movie, he is such a small and sweet boy… you have to be a director like Yash Chopra.”

This episode is full of fun and laughter where we get to see a different SRK altogether.


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