Yashdeep Nain threatens to leave the show

The show Perfect Bride which airs on Star Plus, is one by one seeing its eliminations and walkouts, of the participants from the show. Same thing may happen with Yashdeep Nain (Partcipant) on diwali episode.

“Yashdeep’s Mom and Gurpreet entered a heated argument during the Diwali shoot of Perfect Bride. Yashdeep’s Mom told Gurpreet that she’ll not accept her as her bahu in any case, while Gurpreet mentioned that after hearing the things that Yashdeep’s Mom said to her, no girl will want to marry her son and start living with their family,”

source infoms.

Khabroo goes on,

“Yashdeep was finding it difficult to manage the two and asked the crew to stop the ongoing argument and conversation or else he’ll leave the show. Things got more intense as Yashdeep’s father came on the sets and Yashdeep’s Mom broke down in tears.”

Lots more to happen in the show so get glued to your idiot box and watch Perfect Bride on Saturday October 17.


  1. I have never come across such a horrible mother. she shld b dominating even her husband big time !!! god save that girl whoevr will be her bahu.


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