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Lizzo Refutes Sexual Harassment Accusations Made By Former Dancers

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Lizzo vehemently denies sexual harassment allegations laid by her erstwhile dancers. She refuted these accusations, defending her character and principles strongly.

Accusations of sexual harassment aimed at renowned rapper, Lizzo, have been vehemently denied. The aforementioned allegations were laid by several of her erstwhile dancers, who have sought legal recourse. Lizzo, in no uncertain terms, dismissed these assertions and defended her character vehemently.

The three dancers, who previously worked with the acclaimed rapper, recently sought to address their grievances through legal channels, by launching a lawsuit. They claim Lizzo pressured them into attending a sex performance in the notorious Red Light District of Amsterdam and further coerced them into interacting with the artists present. This news was first broken by Variety.

The legal action was instigated in the Superior Court of Los Angeles County, with not just Lizzo, known legally as Melissa Viviane Jefferson, but also her company, Big Grrrl Big Touring, Inc. (BGBT) and Shirlene Quigley, the lead of Lizzo’s dance ensemble, named in the lawsuit.

The list of accusations presented by the dancers encompassed a vast spectrum, including charges of sexual, racial, and religious harassment, disability discrimination, and false imprisonment, among numerous others.

The dancers further maintained that Lizzo invited them out yet again, under false pretenses. They claim they were not informed they would be attending a venue featuring nude cabaret — thereby denying them the option to opt-out, as per the lawsuit.

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Responding to these damning allegations, Lizzo released an official statement. She expressed deep disappointment, as these accusations called into question her work ethic, principles, and overall respectfulness.

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In her own words, Lizzo stated, “The past few days have been heartbreakingly difficult. I find my character being unfairly criticized and my principles, work ethic and respect for others, questioned.

She further stated, “Normally, I choose not to respond to unfounded allegations. However, these accusations are so unbelievable and outrageous that they warrant a response. These sensationalized stories are being peddled by former staff members who have already admitted their inappropriate and unprofessional behavior while on tour.

With a sense of conviction, she added, “As an artist, I have always been very passionate about my craft. My music and performances are serious business for me because I always aim to produce top-notch art that truly reflects me and resonates with my fans. This passion drives my dedication and sets high standards. However, sometimes I have to make tough decisions, but it has never been my intention to make anyone feel undervalued or uncomfortable.

In conclusion, Lizzo stated that she does not want to be considered a victim, but also asserted that she is not the villain she has been made out to be. She said, “I am not here to be viewed as a victim, but I also don’t consider myself the villain that the media and the public have made me out to be in recent days. My open expression of my sexuality is not an invitation for anyone to cast me in a negative light.”

She added “I cannot condone such misrepresentations. I deeply value the respect that all women deserve. I have personally experienced body shaming, and I would never criticize or fire an employee based on their body weight. While I am hurt, I will not let this incident cast a shadow over my contributions to the world. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has reached out in support during this challenging time.

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