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FROM – S02E06 – Pas de Deux

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FROM Season 2 Episode 6 - In "Pas de Deux", plunges the Township into turmoil as Boyd's transformation intensifies, Kristi faces Marielle's relapse, food supplies dwindle, and Ellis's life hangs in the balance.

As tensions rise in the Township, Sheriff Boyd Stevens (Harold Perrineau) finds himself engaged in a figurative and literal dance with the unknown. Episode 6 of FROM, titled “Pas de Deux“, throws us into a whirlpool of uncertainty, revelations, and a terrifying pas de deux with the elusive ballerina who seems to exist only in Boyd’s mind.

FROM - S02E06 - Pas de Deux
FROM – S02E06 – Pas de Deux

The episode begins with Boyd confiding in Tian Chen (Elizabeth Moy) that he did what he did with Sara (Avery Konrad) for the good of their isolated town. Kenny Liu (Ricky He), who harbours distrust towards Boyd, interrupts the conversation.

A startling apparition greets Boyd upon his return to the church – a dancing ballerina appears, moving to the tune of a music box. The eerie calmness of the ballet ends abruptly when the dancer starts spewing worms from her mouth, a grim mirror to the disturbing change Boyd is undergoing.

Kristi Miller (Chloe Van Landschoot) confronts her partner Marielle (Kaelen Ohm) about relapsing, while Boyd, dealing with pain and hallucinations, is led to the clinic by Kenny. Kristi, despite her personal turmoil, attends to Boyd and learns about the alarming creatures inhabiting his blood.

Donna Raines (Elizabeth Saunders), with the help of Tian Chen and the Matthews family, struggles to manage the dwindling food supplies. Tensions heighten at the Colony House, leading to a tragic accident that puts Ellis Stevens’ (Corteon Moore) life in danger.

FROM - S02E06 - Pas de Deux
FROM – S02E06 – Pas de Deux

A race against time ensues as the community scrambles to save Ellis, with Boyd faced with a life-altering decision about his own predicament. In a desperate bid to save Ellis, Boyd puts himself in harm’s way, leading to a crucial discovery that might just change the town’s fight for survival.

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A moment of emotional reckoning between Donna and Ethan Matthews (Simon Webster) underscores the fear pervading the town, as Ethan admits his fear. Meanwhile, Fatima Hassan’s (Pegah Ghafoori) quiet request to Kristi hints at potential joy amidst the chaos.

FROM – S02E05 – Lullaby

“Pas de Deux” ends on a hopeful note with Ellis waking up, but not without a deep sense of foreboding that lingers, leaving viewers eager for the next episode.

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