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Abhishek Bachchan Shares Memorable Moments with Kapil Dev and Independence Day Reflections

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Abhishek Bachchan reminisces about unfurling the tricolour in Melbourne with Kapil Dev, revealing a profound connection to Independence Day

Abhishek Bachchan recently took a heartfelt trip down memory lane. He reminisced about the extraordinary time he unfurled the Indian tricolour at Melbourne’s Main Square. What made this occasion even more unforgettable was sharing this moment with cricket icon, Kapil Dev.

On the special ‘Azaadi Ki Kahani’ episode of India’s Best Dancer 3, Abhishek shared his reflections on Independence Day. With evident pride, he remarked, “Though we’ve journeyed globally and respected other cultures, seeing our tricolour flag wave high invokes unparalleled emotions.”

At the Bachchan residence, they ensure to raise the flag and respectfully lower it in the evening, as per protocols. On Independence Day, these rituals hold more weight, reminding them of the immense sacrifices our predecessors made for our freedom.

Elaborating further, Abhishek said, “During a Melbourne film festival, I had the rare privilege of hoisting our national flag at the Main Square. It was a first for me, and sharing that incredible instance with Kapil Dev added to its significance.

In another heartfelt revelation, Abhishek discussed his time during the shoot of the war film ‘LOC’. Here, a Lieutenant Colonel shared a thought that Abhishek holds close: the flag doesn’t wave merely due to the wind, but from the weight of our martyrs’ sacrifices.

For context, ‘LOC Kargil’ is a 2003 epic portraying the Kargil War between India and Pakistan. Directed by J.P. Dutta, the film featured an ensemble cast including Mohnish, Sanjay, Ajay, Nagarjuna, Saif, Suniel, Abhishek, and Akshaye.

Continuing his dialogue on the show, Abhishek emphasized, “Today, as we stand here, we’re reminded of the hardships our forefathers faced for our freedom. Their sacrifices should forever remain in our hearts.”

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The episode aims to guide viewers through India’s freedom struggle. Skilled contestants and their choreographers will bring to life stories of pioneers who paved the way for our liberty. A notable performance to look out for is by Boogie LLB and Saumya Kamble, paying homage to Mahatma Gandhi and the Non-Cooperation Movement. Their captivating act earned them a standing ovation.

Complimenting Boogie, Abhishek expressed, “While I’m no dance expert, dance is about conveying emotions. Your ability to express through your dance was truly commendable.

He further added how he struggles to coordinate hand movements while dancing, admiring Boogie’s finesse in doing so. Abhishek concluded by praising the performance’s exceptional choreography and impactful narrative.

Finally, the ‘Azaadi Ki Kahani’ episode won’t be short of musical talents. Renowned singers, including Mahalaxmi, Kavita, Shaan, Bikram, and Hariharan, will grace the show, promoting their forthcoming song, ‘Yeh Desh’.

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