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Monday, June 5, 2023
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I Am Here To Take The Legacy of Music Forward With Original Content Says Rithik Rahman

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Taking inspiration from his predecessor and following their footprints grained in the musical world, Rithik Rahman, also known as Rithik will soon be seen collaborating with giants like T-Series and Zee Music Company.

Talent from the northeast such as Zubeen Garg, Papon, Anurag Saikia, and more created their niche in the world of music, especially in movies and solo albums. Now, young and bright Rithik is taking the legacy forward with a multi-talented creative streak.

Rithik is popular among his fans for songs such as ‘In palo Ko’ And ‘Mere Rehnuma’ and now young-gun has tied up with T-series and Zee Music company for his forthcoming projects.

Sharing his excitement, Rithik said, “Music has always been my passion, as long as I could remember. With the help and support of my family, I took the plunge. I had my own fair share of struggle and heart-breaks but I kept at it. My first single, Inpalo Ko, did very well and my second song, Mere Rehnuma, sort of cemented my fan following. Now I am composing a couple of songs for T- Series and Zee music which will be out soon”

Apart from composing songs, Rithik has also worked and assisted on songs with many national and international music directors and sound engineers.

Talking about his journey, Rithik said, “I am young, perhaps the youngest music composer from Assam, and I am open to learning. My recent international collaboration helped me understand the value of original content and that is my motto now, to create original, fresh, and vibrant content. I also want to create stories via my songs”

Further adding, Rithik said, “Music is part of life in India, and I am talking about the entire nation. We are so diverse and yet our melodies and soulfulness are intact. It is the beauty of our nation. I will make everyone proud someday”.


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