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FROM: S02E03 – Tether

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Boyd and Ellis reconnect, Fatima's mental health worsens, Jade's arrogance stirs unrest, Julie befriends Ellis and Fatima, and newcomers Kelly and Brian navigate the town.

In Season 2, Episode 3 of “FROM”, titled “Tether”, the characters face personal challenges and confrontations, revealing the cracks in the Township’s seemingly idyllic facade.

Sheriff Boyd Stevens (Harold Perrineau) has a conversation with his son, Ellis Stevens (Corteon Moore), about his recent trip into the forest. Boyd intentionally hides the details of his strange experience, causing Ellis to grow irritated. They eventually reconnect, strengthening their father-son bond.

Fatima Hassan (Pegah Ghafoori) struggles with her mental health. She continues working at the colony house, welcoming a new member, Elgin (Nathan D. Simmons), who had prophetic dreams about the town before his arrival. The residents of Colony House, led by Donna Raines (Elizabeth Saunders), try to help Fatima, but her condition worsens.

Phoebe Rex as Kelly in From Season 2 Episode 3
Phoebe Rex as Kelly in From Season 2 Episode 3

Tabitha Matthews (Catalina Sandino Moreno) and Jim Matthews (Eion Bailey) continue to adapt to life in the Township with their son, Ethan (Simon Webster). Tabitha seeks solace in the church, where she encounters Father Khatri (Shaun Majumder). They discuss their losses, and Father Khatri offers spiritual guidance.

The tension between Jade Herrera (David Alpay) and Kenny Liu (Ricky He) escalates, causing further unrest among the residents. Jade’s intelligence and arrogance continue to clash with the community’s values. Kristi Miller (Chloe Van Landschoot), the town’s doctor, tends to the injured and tries to keep the peace.

At the Colony House, Julie Matthews (Hannah Cheramy) befriends Ellis and Fatima, while trying to understand her place in the community. Sara Myers (Avery Konrad) experiences more hallucinations, commanding her to harm the residents of the Township. Victor (Scott McCord), a peculiar resident, and Ethan can also see the mysterious child-like figure in white, adding to the supernatural atmosphere in the town.

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In previous episode, we are also introduced to Kelly (Phoebe Rex), a new resident in the town, who seeks refuge at the Colony House. She quickly forms a bond with Brian, a fellow newcomer to the town. Together, they navigate the complexities of their new environment and learn about the town’s hidden secrets.

As the characters confront their inner demons and personal relationships, the cracks in the Township’s facade become more apparent, setting the stage for further developments and conflicts in the episodes to come.

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