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FROM – S02E04 – This Way Gone

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In FROM Episode 4 Boyd's health worsens, Sara confesses her past. Jim learns of an unsettling radio message. Tensions rise in the mysterious town.

The episode 4 of FROM, “This Way Gone“, begins with a flashback to the day Kenny Liu (Ricky He) and his mother, Tian Chen Liu (Elizabeth Moy), brought Bing-Qian Liu (Simon Sinn) to Kristi Miller (Chloe Van Landschoot), the Township’s doctor. Later that day, Bing-Qian has a conversation with Boyd Stevens (Harold Perrineau), the Township’s sheriff, who asks Bing-Qian to serve as his deputy.

Back in the present, Kenny finds Boyd and brings him to Sara Myers (Avery Konrad). Boyd speaks privately with Sara, who reveals that she followed him into the tree and ended up back at the church. She is adamant that she cannot return to live in the Township.

Boyd then has a private conversation with Kenny, explaining that Sara has a unique connection with the town – it seems to communicate with her. Despite this revelation, Kenny insists that Sara should be confined, but their argument is cut short when Boyd suddenly collapses.

Meanwhile, Julie Matthews (Hannah Cheramy) brings her younger brother, Ethan (Simon Webster), to the Colony House to visit Victor (Scott McCord). However, Victor is still upset with Ethan for allowing Jade Herrera (David Alpay) into his room.

Nathan D. Simmons in FROM S02E04
Nathan D. Simmons in FROM S02E04

Fatima Hassan (Pegah Ghafoori) asks Julie to be a bridesmaid at her wedding. Later, Julie offers to be a confidante for Elgin (Nathan D. Simmons) should he need someone to talk to.

Kristi checks on Boyd’s health, but he is reluctant to allow her to examine his arm. He also expresses concern about possible cognitive impairments related to Parkinson’s disease.

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Elsewhere, Jade finds Bakta (Angela Moore), the bus driver, drinking alone at the bar. Bakta is dealing with guilt for unknowingly bringing many new arrivals to the town. Jade comforts her, suggesting they shouldn’t blame themselves for their circumstances.

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Tabitha Matthews (Catalina Sandino Moreno) is searching for her husband, Jim (Eion Bailey), and finds him watching the bus passengers sorting through their belongings. Jim shares with her the unsettling message he heard over the radio and wonders if the town is a social experiment of some sort.

Boyd experiences a vision of Father Khatri (Shaun Majumder) who warns him against telling Kenny about Sara’s role in Bing-Qian’s death. Meanwhile, Jim visits Colony House to speak with Donna Raines (Elizabeth Saunders) about the mysterious radio message. Donna advises caution, suggesting they should keep quiet until they understand more about their situation.

The situation at Colony House escalates when Randall (A.J. Simmons) reacts aggressively to people going through his belongings, pushing a houseguest. This leads to Donna banishing him from the Colony House, reassigning him to live on the bus.

Sara reveals to Kenny her involvement in his father’s death, leading to a confrontation between Kenny and Boyd. Kenny, feeling betrayed, resigns from his position as deputy, throwing his badge at Boyd’s feet.

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