A star faces constant pressure, says Prithviraj

Actor Prithviraj, one of the leading stars of Malayalam cinema, believes the life of a star is under constant pressure and scrutiny. He says a star’s life is not as easy-going as the general perception goes.

“I do agree when a star asks for a cup of coffee or lunch of his choice, it will be brought to him. But, there’s constant pressure — not the kind to succeed — but when you’re a busy actor you don’t have a day off,” Prithviraj told IANS.

Having been acting for over a decade, he says he can’t call in sick whenever he feels like.

“Even when I’m on a vacation, I want to shut out thoughts about cinema but I can’t. When you’re the lead actor, you share so much responsibility of the project, so you can’t wake up one day and decide you won’t work today,” he said.

“If you’re working in an IT company, you can call in sick. There’s no sick leave in cinema,” he added.

Awaiting the release of Malayalam horror-drama “Ezra”, Prithviraj is currently shooting for “Tiyaan”.


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