Alec Baldwin obsessed with death

Actor Alec Baldwin says having young children makes him think more and more about death.

Baldwin, 59, who has daughter Ireland, 21, with former wife Kim Basinger, and children Carmen, four, Rafael, two, and Leonardo, 12 months, with spouse Hilaria, says becoming a father again late in life has made him reflect on his own mortality, reports

“You know what I think about now’ I think about how much time I have left. I mean, there’s men dying in their sixties. I mean, maybe they were not the healthiest of men… I’m not going to say I’m obsessed with death, but I’m semi-obsessed with death,” Baldwin told GQ magazine.

Baldwin used to envy actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, who has won widespread critical acclaim for his work, in particular in collaboration with filmmaker Martin Scorsese, but has now realised that personal fulfilment is more important than career satisfaction.

“How blessed is Leo’ To make those movies with Marty’ I mean, what a great life he’s having. But at the same time, and I’m not saying this with any judgement, Leo is single and has no kids. That’s the distinction. We should end with that. To not confuse career with life,” said Baldwin.

“My career was not what I wanted it to be in many ways. There are times it has been. ’30 Rock’ was great. This Trump thing is great. I’ve had moments in the theatre. But my life is great. I found a woman 26 years younger than me who was dumb enough to marry me, that was her only flaw,” he added.


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