Alexandra Burke sees ghost of dead mother

Singer-actress Alexandra Burke says she has been seeing the ghost of her late mother Melissa Bell following her death in August.

Burke was left devastated when Bell, who was one of the lead singers of the R&B band Soul II Soul, tragically passed away from a lengthy battle with kidney failure.

“I think mum is watching over me … When the camera panned to the audience, I saw my mum sitting with my brother and I choked up. Then it hit me that she wasn’t there,” Burke told HELLO! Magazine, reports

“I can’t even begin to describe how it felt losing mum and I’m still grieving. I’m feeling all kind of weird feelings. One minute I’m really happy and then I’ll see a picture of smell something that reminds me of her and it takes me all the way back. Losing my mum so young made me question my faith in God and so many things because I was completely in denial with how sick she was,” she added.


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