Alicia Keys’s son composes his first song

Singer Alicia Keys and hip-hop recording artiste Swizz Beatzs six-year-old son Egypt has composed his first song.

The boy composed and performed his first hit “Super-boy” on the piano, and his father couldn’t wait to share it with his fans, reports

“Proud dad alert,” the hip-hop artiste captioned the video that he posted to Instagram on Monday.

“Egy wrote his first song ‘Super-boy’, wait for the fancy fingers at the end. Kids you gotta love em. Dedication, hardwork, EGY-Keys-Beatz.”

Egypt barely even looked at the keyboard as he played chords and sang the lyrics “I am a Super-boy”.

Wearing a dinosaur T-shirt, the boy stared at the camera and picked up momentum on the keys to build up to a dramatic, and a fancy finish.

Egypt already has a co-producer credit on Kendrick Lamar’s “Untitled Unmastered” project that dropped in March and Beatz announced that on social media too.

Keys, 35, and Beatz, 38, have two children together, Egypt and 23-month-old Genesis.