Anil Kapoor is an eternal hero: Niharica Raizada

Actress Niharica Raizada says her “Total Dhamaal” co-star Anil Kapoor is an eternal hero.

Niharica was spotted shooting for an ad film here with “Total Dhamaal” cinematographer Keiko Nakahara and ad film director Roop Naik.

Anil’s film “Race 3” is set for release, and its trailer is out.

Praising him, Niharica said: “There is no one as young and ‘jhakaas’ as you. You are the one and only Bollywood star who has maintained the evergreen style and status. I mean seriously, no one can guess your age. You are the eternal hero.”

Niharica was asked about the progress of “Total Dhamaal”. She said: “I am happy to work with Keiko who is also shooting ‘Total Dhamaal’. There isn’t much I can talk about the film right now but it is a great project with big stars. This is a big opportunity for me and fingers crossed, I can make good use of this chance.”

Lauding Niharica, the ad film’s director Roop Naik, said she had surprised him with her acting skills.

“She is good for all kind of roles, for glamorous roles and excellent for innocent yet subtly sexy roles. To me, she is a very intense actor. I am trying to do a web series with her. And maybe when I do a bigger feature, she will be a part of that too.

“Total Dhamaal” is directed by Indra Kumar.


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