Audition for Irrfan’s on-screen daughter took long time

Child actress Dishita Sehgal, popular for featuring in Shah Rukh Khan-starrer “Dear Zindagi”, will be seen playing actor Irrfan Khan’s daughter in the forthcoming film “Hindi Medium”. Its director Saket Chaudhary says the auditions went on for a long time to find the “brilliant artiste”.

Dishita will play Irrfan’s daughter in the film, the child’s mother Mamta Sehgal said.

Chaudhary said in a statement: “This character of Pia is very crucial in the movie. We wanted that innocence in face, sweetness in the voice, confidence and a good actor.”

“The auditions went on for a long time as we wanted to be sure who our Pia is and we just could not take chance or a random decision. It took us a long time auditioning many kids across India and workshops to come to a conclusion that Dishita will be our Pia. She is a brilliant artiste and I am sure everyone will fall in love with her.”

The film was shot in slum areas, so it got difficult for her to attend classes regularly.

“But fortunately, school teachers helped her with notes and shared YouTube links related to the topics taught in the class,” said Mamta.

“Hindi Medium” also stars Pakistani actress Saba Qamar.


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