Carrie Fisher’s brother has a message for kids

Late actress Carrie Fishers brother Todd Fisher has urged children to get help for mental illness and learning disorders.

He has teamed up with the Child Mind Institute’s new #MyYoungerSelf social media campaign, in which celebrities share their experiences growing up with mental illness.

“When Carrie and I were growing up, we knew there was something going on with her,” Todd, 59, said in a video, reports

“Her behaviour got more and more extreme, everything seemed to be more difficult for her.”

At the time, there was no diagnosis for bipolar disorder.

“She was struggling through something and was very alone,” Todd said.

“All she had was the support of her family.”

Eventually, Carrie’s mother Debbie Reynolds found a specialist who Todd says “made us aware of this disorder”.

Carrie received treatment for bipolar disorder on and off for the rest of her life.

Todd said that his sister could accomplish anything she set her mind to and that might not have been possible without treatment.

“Without the help of her doctors and family and medication, I don’t think we would have seen what we were seeing,” he said.

“To any child who’s struggling today with mental health or a learning disorder, take a look at Carrie.”

“Use her as your role model. Do not be afraid to ask for help. You’re not alone, and treatment does work,” he added.


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