Deepa Malik, Geeta Tandon felicitated by Reebok with Kangana cheering for them (Lead, correcting para 4)

It was a night dedicated to women from different walks of life at Reebok’s first #FITTOFIGHT Awards held here on Friday night, where India’s first female Paralympics medalist Deepa Malik, Bollywood stuntwoman Geeta Tandon along with many others were felicitated. Bollywood actress and brand ambassador of the fitness brand Kangana Ranaut inaugurated the ceremony and felt proud to be part of such initiative.

While flagging of the event when Kangana was asked how the taglines Fit to Fight and Be More Human inspires her, she said: When I heard about the tag line, I felt it was very uncanny. This is something that speaks of my life because in my life , I wanted to be my best version. I wanted to be someone who I can be proud of . I don’t do things to impress others. My journey is about me and how I do I feel about myself.

“I feel it’s good to see how Reebok as a brand is inspiring young women and sharing these extra ordinary examples and inspiring million is great act of encouragement and kindness. I am honoured to be part of this.”

Reebok culminated the first edition of #FitToFight Awards where it celebrated the struggles, dreams and triumphs of unsung “women heroes”, who have overcome physical, mental and social barriers to achieve great things in life.

The brand honoured these heroes who have been victim of either physical abuse, social trauma or disability but changed their destiny through courage and conviction.

Malik and Tandon were one such examples.

The former fought her disability to become the first Indian woman to win a medal in Parlympics games. Another awardee in the physical category was Tandon, a woman who changed her destiny from marital rape victim to becoming the most coveted stunt woman in Bollywood.

Malik in her acceptance speech encouraged woman to celebrate life and have believe in themselves.

Sharing her journey, she said: “Winning this award is so pleasurable because 17 and half years ago when, I got chest below paralyses Awith a daughter who already had a head injury and her left upper body was paralysed . I was travelling with her treatment and that time my husband was at Kargil war. This was the time when I was diagnosed with tumour and doctors predicted I will never walk again.

“I was predicted to die in a room and AI was struggling very hard with new body fighting all the social taboos around this disability, fighting and creating my own identity.

“This whole journey of stepping out of the comfort zone and coming out in this world was different. It’s only because of self beleive. Please remember that people will look at you , the way you look at yourself.A And a fit mind will always be in fit body.A Life Ais a celebration so please enjoy this festival. Be alive and celebrate .”

Some of the other awardees at the event were Bhakti Sharma, the conqueror of all five oceans of the world, Smriti Singhal who started the Education Tree organisation, Geetanjali Babbar, who launched a non profit organization Kat Katha, amongst many others.

Silvia Tallon, Senior Marketing Director, Reebok India, commented: “I am proud to be associated with a brand that has given women a global platform to share their struggles. Through this campaign, not only have we found these heroes but have also inspired millions of women to come out and face their battles head-on.

“FitToFight is a state of mind and Reebok endorses the faith that every woman can fight all odds once they are at their fittest best. We salute the spirit of every woman who has faced obstacles and continue to challenge themselves daily in search of greater accomplishments.”

Singer Anusha Manchanda also performed live during the awards.


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