Depp thinks acting is similar to being in a band

Actor Johnny Depp sees similarities between acting and being in the music band Hollywood Vampires as he has to be a “character” for both of them.

“When you’re playing, though it’s not remembering lines or serving the scene, or serving the script or whatever, the vision. On stage, it’s the same sort of thing, you’re still serving – you’re serving the song but more you’re serving the moment,” Depp told Classic Rock magazine, reports

He added: “I think every actor should walk into a scene with the idea that this could f***ing fail miserably. I think it’s important to take those risks. It should be scary. You’ve got a f***ing character that you’ve come up with and you believe in, and you feel a very strong foundation of this character beneath you.

“It’s the same approach really you know, just go and improvise as always, the best thing because, I think some of the best performances of any recording artiste, especially the early recordings, it’s f***ing chance.”

Depp previously shared he hates watching himself on screen and says he was “absolutely horrible at auditioning” when he was younger.


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