Digital media provides risk free platforms: Shantanu Anam

Actor Shantanu Anam, who is returning with the second season of popular web series “Baked”, says digital media provides “risk free” platforms to the entertainment industry which helps newcomers to showcase their talent.

“There has been enough said on how digital content is the future. And it’s evident in the number of studios that are now running in this direction. Basically, it’s a simple concept of demand and supply,” Shantanu said in a statement.

“If a majority of the people in our country want to watch shows like ‘Naagin’ and ‘Splitsvilla’, then that’s cool. We are nobody to be judgmental of people’s work, or their choice of entertainment.

“But there is also a section of our viewers who can’t stand that stuff. That is where digital content in the form of web series comes in. There are some great players that are changing the way audience consumes entertainment and content, in particular,” he added.

Shantanu said that digital media is a “new disruption in the market”.

“So there is an excitement and energy that surrounds the creation of digital content. It’s obviously a great platform for people who would be struggling to get the kind of roles they genuinely deserve,” he said.

“With this sort of digital wave in the web content space, an actor like me will find risk free platforms to showcase their talent, be it acting, writing or direction,” he added.

The second season of “Baked” will be aired on ScoopWhoop starting from Friday.


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