Digital space a serious competition to films, TV: Saurabh Varma

The digital space is soon going to take over films and television, says filmmaker Saurabh Varma who also feels that consumer prefers freedom of choice and comfort.

“Soon cellphones and television box viewing will be integrated and that is when digital space will become a serious competition to films and television. Consumer will any day prefer the freedom of choice and comfort over fixed appointment viewing,” Varma said in a statement.

With Government endorsing the digital revolution and so many digital led announcements, the content creation space in the digital world has picked up pace.

The latest to get into the space is Varma, who directed “Mickey Virus” and “7 Hours to Go“. He has just released short film “Girl in Red” has had 1 million hits in just 48 hours.

The film has also been widely appreciated in the film circle and stars acclaimed TV stars Nandish Sandhu and Rohit Khurana.

“Creative ideas will drive the digital content creation and the charming part of this world is that even someone with a good script can overnight beat the biggest player by creating a captivating content that is accepted globally,” said Varma.

“Unlike, TV and films, where the data is not absolutely transparent, Internet views can be micro measured and analyzed any way we want,” he added.

Varma intends to create 12 Digital Flicks in the coming year focusing on subjects that conventional Bollywood is afraid to touch like Docu Dramas, Sci Fi, Space Saga and Conspiracy Theories.


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