Digital space will revolutionise entertainment consumption: Saurabh Varma

The digital world will change the way entertainment is consumed in the country by leaps and bounds, says “Mickey Virus” director Saurabh Varma who launched a short film, a psychological thriller titled “The Girl In Red”, on the web on Tuesday.

It features actors Nandish Singh and Rohit Khurana, popular for their work on television.

“The digital space is going to revolutionise the way we see and watch entertainment. We are attempting a unique, quirky thriller in this medium that has a constraint in terms of time, money as well as visual frames,” Varma told IANS.

“Thriller is a genre which is world over the most popular genre. It is only in India that very few people have attempted the space. We are trying to attempt something which is considered a risk at this moment,” he added.

“The Girl in Red” revolves around an intellectual writer played by Nandish, whose character goes through a writer’s block when he meets a quirky ‘Garbage Man’, essayed by Rohit.

The story begins as the two start to share their stories and then the strange co-incidences leading to how their lives have been intertwined in a series of mysterious events and then, the unthinkable happens.

Nandish, who is playing a suspicious, manipulative writer for the first time, is excited about it.

He said: “I am extremely excited about this film as this is a well-written, intelligent thriller that begins and ends within a time frame of 15 minutes, and yet there are so many layers to it. The short duration of 15 minutes makes each frame important and the nuances are all the more important.

“The character that I am playing of a writer has so many dimensions and as an actor, I am hoping to take up more such interesting and challenging projects. I am curious to know how the audience will react to the this,a he added.

The film is produced by Pocket Films and Weaving Entertainment and is going to be released by Pocket Films. It released on YouTube.


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