Elton John will never retire, says Barlow

Legendary singer Elton John will never retire, says his friend and singer Gary Barlow.

John, 70, was forced to cancel a number of upcoming shows after a rare and potentially deadly bacterial infection landed him in intensive care for two days last month.

But Barlow believes John will never stop working.

“He loves gigging, he loves being out there. He’s on the mend. You can’t hold him down, he’s crazy. He will never retire. It’s never time for him to retire,” Barlow told mirror.co.uk.

“I’ve sent him a few emails and I believe he’s fine. I sent him our best. You can get those horrible kinds of diseases on holiday. He’s just been unfortunate. He’s toured the world since 1971, so he’s been lucky to make it this far,” Barlow added.


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