Explore New Zealand in ‘Lord of the Rings’ style

To celebrate 15 years of New Zealand being the real Middle-earth, Tourism New Zealand has come up with a unique way for tourists to explore the country by re-imagining it through the eyes of “The Lord of the Rings” characters.

The journey engages consumers through a unique quiz designed to discover which character they would be. Consumers will be provided with a character inspired journey throughout New Zealand with an itinerary on Tourism New Zealand’s official website.

Ace filmmaker Peter Jackson says that since the release of “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring” in 2001, nothing has changed in New Zealand.

“New Zealand has such a variety of landscapes from lush green forests, to soaring mountains. The grandeur of these landscapes saw tourists flock to our shores, and made a huge impact on the tourism industry,” Jackson said in a statement.

“New Zealand is the perfect Middle-earth and a real place that visitors can experience for years and years to come,” he added.

Sharing his love for the country, actor Ian McKellen said: “This is the Middle-earth I had always pictured. How can New Zealand not bewitch anyone who visits'”

According to Skyscanner survey, New Zealand emerged as a favourite among Indian travellers, witnessing a growth of 52 percent in travel searches from last year.


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