Go big with decor ideas for small space

If you are living in a small home or are planning to shift to a studio apartment, make the most out of the space by choosing the right colour schemes, decor and furniture, say experts.

Surabhi Mittal, founder, RevivedbySurabhi, and Purba Kalita, co-founder, SaleBhai.com, share some decor ideas to get the most out of small space.

* Opt for hidden storages: In a small apartment, visible storages such as cabinets, baskets and boxes may make your space look cluttered. The ideal solution would be to opt for hidden storages. The key is making use of all the empty spaces such as the crawl space underneath the stairs, empty space under the bed or even the gaps beneath the floor boards.

* Invest in multifunctional furniture: While choosing furniture, go for multifunctional ones. That’s the best you can do to make the most of your small space. For instance, look for a storage ottoman that can be replaced as a coffee table or opt for a foldable dining table. Do not pick bulky furniture that may make your rooms look cramped and cluttered. Choose furnishings of the right size and the ones that lighten up the space.

* Go for big art pieces: Are you too keen to adorn those empty walls of your room with paintings or other personalised designs’ Well, the idea should be to create an illusion of something bigger in a small area. You can choose a piece of art that also creates a division to your apartment or for a particular corner or a wall. Instead of hanging three to four small frames on a wall, exaggerate the photo prints to give more depth to your wall.

* Give your floors a makeover with the right carpet: When it comes to home décor, it makes sense to start from the bottom. Stark, bare floorings can be given a new life with the perfect carpet. Depending on your taste — the flamboyant Rajasthani, the eclectic Indo-Tibetan, or the luxurious silk — there are varieties of coverings to choose from.

* Create a cosy corner: It can be anywhere — the living room, the bedroom, or even the terrace balcony. Just choose a bright corner of any part of the house. Add a colourful cotton rug, throw some pillows, a lamp (go for something unique, such as marble), a handful of tabletops, and a bright painting on the wall to tie it all together.