Gracy Goswami overcomes fear of water

Actress Gracy Gowami says she has aquaphobia but had to overcome her fear for a show.

She is currently seen as Princess Garima in the show “Mayavi Maling”.

While shooting for the show, Gracy had to dive into water for a scene. She was initially hesitant. However, her mother convinced her to overcome her fear of water.

“I have fear of water and that’s one fear that I have overcome. It’s important for everybody to learn how to swim. I didn’t know how to swim and it’s the only thing which I used to feel bad about,” Gracy said in a statement.

“I tried to work on this fear of mine and I have gone to the extent of learning to swim. Now I know how to float and it gives me happiness. I am working on my strokes,” she added.

The show is aired on Star Bharat.


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