Gul Panag, Shruti Seth curate Festivelle for urban women

Festivelle, a unique cultural gala curated by actors Shruti Seth and Gul Panag will cover aspects of entrepreneurship, motherhood woes, relaxation and enjoyment via workshops, comedy gigs, experientials, food carnival and more.

Gul and Shruti believe women tend to take themselves for granted. So, it is for them to spend their entire day with their girlfriends and recharge their batteries.

Shruti told IANS: “This festival is a two-day event specifically for women, by women, of women. It’s a two-day break that has been designed for urban women of Mumbai who can spend the entire day doing things that they like the most along with their girlfriends.”

“They will have various activities to indulge in and can enjoy some stand-up comedy, conversations, shopping, spa therapy… Basically to give women some time to recharge their batteries,” she added.

Gul said this will be a yearly phenomena.

“The initial cities that we are targeting are Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. The idea is not only to create a place for women, but also put them to various experiences which they never had the time for,” she said.

In Mumbai, Festivelle will be held December 17-18.

Some of the points of conversation will include: Lessons We Can Learn From Kim Kardashian, I Am My Hormones – PMSing or Peri menopausal, It’s Good To Be A Bad Mom, Sisterhood: Cheaper Than A Shrink, Real Orgasms Are Our Birthright And We Shall Have Them, Why Every Woman Should Have A Secret Stash, Back To The Battlefront, Get Fit, Woman.


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