How to invoke spirit of Republic Day in office

Bored of tricolour balloons and ribbons in office on Republic Day’ Well, you can go for tricolour plants and rangoli this year, says an expert.

Ram Mehrotra, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Decorative Paints, Kansai Nerolac Paints Limited, tells you how:

* Declutter: Be a good citizen by taking ‘Swachh Bharat’ movement to your office. Before you start your Republic Day decorations, declutter your work station. Discard unwanted documents, outdated bills or coupons and recycle old material by using both sides of the paper. A cleaner space not only evokes a cleaner and healthier work environment, but also helps enliven the look and energy there.

* Tricolour planters: Plants are a big yes to the office interiors. They not only provide freshness to the dull breathing space but also aid in enhancing the ambience of the space by reverberating positivity. This Republic Day, spruce up your office desk with some tricolour planters which will also enhance the look and appeal of your work space. You could use glitter finish to glamorise the pots giving it a more festive feel.

* Tricolour wall art/graffiti: Brighten up your office space with attractive tricolour paintings, art frames and wall stickers. These are affordable ways to smarten up your office interiors in a unique way to build up the atmosphere and intensity of Republic Day.

* Tricolour rangoli: Using a bit of creativity, tricolour rangoli designs can offer a nice touch to your office and to the entire space. You can even opt for glitter paper, and flowers instead of the traditional rangoli powders.


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