I take on as much as I can handle: Shruti

Actress Shruti Seth, also a mother, says she likes to take up projects only as much as she can handle.

Shruti told IANS: “I am a little busy these days. I have to make a conscious decision to give my time to something. I am very clear that I could not give too much time to work as I also have a daughter.”

“If you look at my career, my career has always been spaced out well and I already have a handful of things in my kitty. I like to take on only as much as I can handle,” she added.

Shruti, who has featured in movies as well as TV shows, including “Shararat”, also talked about the remuneration disparity that actresses face.

She said: “It’s a worldwide phenomenon. Everybody is talking about it and I feel these are big changes which will happen eventually.”


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