I’m open to experiment, but don’t get a chance: Prachee Shah Paandya

Actress Prachee Shah Paandya has mostly portrayed the ‘good girl’ on screen, but says she is open to break the mould though she has not yet got an opportunity to show her versatility.

Asked if she is image conscious or closed to the idea of experimenting, Prachee told IANS here: “Well, I am open to experiment but I do not get such role. Probably that is because of the face I have, and the industry typecasts you easily.”

The actress started her career with TV Series “Kundali”, and went on to feature in soap operas like “Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi” and “Kesar”, and in films like “Student of the Year”, “Akaash Vani” and “ABCD 2” among others.

In her latest show “Ek Shringaar – Swabhimaan”, Prachee essays a single mother.

Asked why working women find it difficult to balance professional and personal lives and tend to stay away from commitments, Prachee said: “I think the generation has changed, so has the way of unwinding among women. Even my mother used to balance her office and kitchen with equal ease and never made us feel the stress she went through.”

“These days, we tend to stay away from responsibilities. So we choose to go out for a drink or coffee after the office work rather than coming back home and talk to parents for ten minutes that might just ease things a lot. But those ten minutes appear like a huge demand and seem difficult to squeeze out from our busy life.”

Prachee feels it is this why “in today’s day and age, youngsters don’t want to get married or bring a child to this world as that might spoil their late night partying, or travel plans”.

“Basically, they are going away from responsibility,” said the actress.

“Ek Shringaar – Swabhimaan”, aired on Colors, is based on the story of a single mother who brings up her two daughters well and with good education. The story delves on how, after they become successful professionals, they face issues to get a groom for marriage due to their high qualification.

Asked if such double standards still exist at a time when gender equality has become such a widely talked about issue, Prachee said: “The richer the household is, the bigger the problem. From my personal experience of some close friends, I can say that the society is yet to change.”

“In the so-called high society, the husband and in-laws do not like a married woman working. Sometimes we work because we love our job, sometimes for our independent identity. Nevertheless, the mindset of our society is yet to change on that. Having said that, I must mention that I am lucky.”


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