Intolerant Indians don’t find place in Indian ethos: President

President Pranab Mukherjee on Wednesday said intolerant Indians don’t find place in Indian ethos.

Mukherjee spoke at the 64th National Film Awards presentation ceremony, praising the Indian film industry for promoting a message of universal brotherhood and tolerance.

“There’s diversity of India in the film industry… It conveys one message — universal brotherhood, tolerance, co-operation, co-existence, and the message that successful filmmakers have made is that we maybe argumentative, but we can’t be intolerant.

“Intolerant Indians don’t find place in Indian ethos, in Indian culture and Indian soil and I am happy that Indian film industry has never forgotten to convey this basic message to people,” he added.

The President was delighted to see a sort of “mini India” represented by the diverse talent from the length and breadth of the country at the Vigyan Bhavan here.

He was especially happy about the strides the younger generation is making towards creating visibility for Indian talent in the international circuit.

“When the young generations take it off, we can feel safe and secure and our national interest will be safe and well-protected,” Mukherjee added.


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