Kendall ‘jealous’ of Emily Ratajkowski’s physique

Kendall Jenner is reportedly jealous of actress Emily Ratajkowskis physique. The model-reality TV star has been working out to get Ratajkowski’s famous “ab crack”.

According to a source, Kendall thinks Ratajkowski has got a body to die for, reports

“Kendall’s already super skinny but she wants to get tone and definition in her shape without looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger,” the source told OK magazine.

“She thinks Emily’s got a body to die for and she’s totally jealous of her toned tummy, particularly her split abs, which became the new ‘thigh gap’ last summer,” the source added.

Detailing Kendall’s extreme effort to obtain her dream body, the source said: “She’s started a nightmare daily routine of crunches, pushups and tummy exercises specifically tailored by her trainer to achieve this impossible look.”