Lara Stone can’t walk in high heels

Model Lara Stone says she finds it hard to walk in high heel shoes.

“I can’t walk heels, so the catwalk is not really for me,” Stone told website Net-a-Porter’s The Edit, reports

The style icon says she gets “super nervous” and starts “shaking” before hitting the runway. So, she was relieved when she landed a contract with Calvin Klein and avoided catwalk appearances.

Speaking about her fear, she said: “I get super nervous. Like, shaking. I hate being on any kind of stage. But I got really lucky: I did one or two seasons then I got my contract with Calvin Klein, so for four or five years I couldn’t do any shows because I was exclusive to them. It was great! Now I’ll do one or two.

“I’ve got my son – I don’t want to be on a big fashion tour for a month if I don’t have to be.”

She said that she used to be teased for her appearance when she was younger.

“I was scouted when I was 13 or 14. We were on a big family holiday to Paris when I was spotted on the metro by a lady who was the wife of an agent at Elite. It was the most confusing thing ever – I was definitely not attractive.

“I was a geeky teenager; awkward and thin and lanky and weird. And I had strange teeth. At school, they used to tease me: ‘As if you’re a model!’ They called me Skeleton. Being a model was the furthest thing from my mind, ever. I’m still not sure I’m entirely qualified.”


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