Lillete, Ira Dubey play mother-daughter for first time

To celebrate Mothers Day, actress Lillete Dubey and her daughter Ira Dubey have come up with a new video titled “Chhoti”, in which they can be seen talking about the mother-daughter relationship.

“Chhoti”, which released on Culture Machine’s digital channel Blush on Friday, depicts the different yet similar behaviour of a mother and daughter.

“On a digital platform which has such an incredible viewership I’m very excited that for the first time, my mum and I will be playing mother daughter on Blush to kick-off what I think will be a lovely series that celebrates and deconstructs this unique bond,” Ira said in a statement.

“Looking at every day, very relatable situations, this episode is a glimpse into the roles that mother and daughter begin to play in each other’s lives, as we get older and become more friends and confidants and yet remain girls somewhere.

“It’s an honest and tongue in cheek look at what it is to be mom and daughter in today’s world,” she added.

Mother’s Day is on Sunday.


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