Lionel Richie receives honorary doctorate degree

Grammy Award winning singer Lionel Richie received a Honorary Doctor of Music Degree from the prestigious Berklee College of Music.

The music icon was honoured at Boston’s Agganis Arena on May 13 alongside singers like Lucinda Williams, Todd Rundgren, Shin Joong Hyun, reports

“For his contributions to contemporary culture, his humanitarian efforts, and the joy his music brings to so many, it is my pleasure to present Berklee’s honorary doctorate of music to Lionel Richie,” Berklee President Roger H. Brown said in his introduction for the 67-year-old singer and songwriter.

Rapper-producer Pharrell Williams sent kind words to Richie, which Brown read: “Lionel is the ultimate musical alchemist. Any time you hear a Lionel Richie song, it takes you back to the moment you first heard it.”

Brown also shared comments from stars like Stevie Wonder and Quincy Jones.

“You are in the prime seat to tell the world what they need to know,” Richie said to the graduating student artistes.

The night before, Richie joined graduating students on stage at the annual commencement concert to perform his hit number “We are the world”.

“I wish Michael Jackson would have been with me to share that moment, because what I saw on your faces was the enthusiasm, the passion, the drive, the love, and the dreams,” Richie told the audience.


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