Maintain your clothes like its couture

Buying clothes is easy but maintaining them is important. Don’t store clothes in a plastic bag and before storing dry clean them, say experts.

Designers Lalit Dalmia and Y Z Jafri, and Harleen Kaur Jawanda, Chief Merchandising Officer at Trendybharat, an online shopping website. have the following suggestions:

* Before packing the clothes, dry clean and wash them. Dirty clothing can attract vermin and insects which may damage your clothing so wash and iron them before storing.

* Avoid plastic bags as these can trap moisture and cause mildew to form or cause the yellowing of fabrics. Acid-free boxes and tissue paper should be used as not all plastic boxes are safe as they release chemicals which could have subtle to grossly negative effects on the clothing.

* The right hangers are a must. With all the same hangers, your wardrobe will look like an emporium, and if all the garments are level, they are a lot easier to see. Try the rubber covered non-slip hanger.

* To deter dreaded moth holes in clothes use lavender bags or cedar wood in your storage boxes as these natural products work really well.

* Don’t store your footwear with your garments as fumes from the leather and glue may cause damage and discolouration.

* Just like the storage material, there needs to be thought put into the storage locations. This means stuffy areas like attics and basements are a strict no-no. The best space would be a dark area with good air circulation. Also, leaving your dry-cleaning in plastic baggies is bound to trap gases that might discolour your precious apparel.


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