‘Moana’ was technically very challenging: Technical director

Animated film “Moana”, which has a voice-over of actor Dwayne Johnson, was “technically very challenging” for Shweta Viswanathan, technical director in the Disney Animation team.

“‘Moana’ was technically a very challenging movie, when compared to the previous movies I’ve worked on at Disney Animation. I worked on it for two years so it gave me a lot of insight on what goes on before the movie actually goes into production,” Viswanathan said in a statement.

Talking about her role in the Ron Clements and John Musker directorial, she says that “during pre-production, there was a lot of brain storming and research and development involved in my day-to-day and prototyping tools necessary to make the movie”.

Viswanathan says that once the production of the film started in December 2015, her time was split between tool development and providing support to the departments she works with.

“Moana” released on December 2 in India.


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