Movie Review – Is She Raju

After social issues based preachy films and biopics, Is She Raju takes a load off with a story of small town friends and their banter.
Directed by debutante filmmaker Rahul Kumar Shukla the film takes flight when the small town boys dream big in a big city. Their learning experiences through mistakes and embarrassing moments are what make it a fun watch.
The film focused on love, friendship and relationship, since catering to a younger audience uses double meaning jokes. Even though it seems like an old gimmick the makers make it work well for Is she Raju.
The film introduces a new cast that is full of life, giving a fresh approach to the already seen story trope about friends. Still Is she Raju manages to pick up with relatable characters and a smooth sailing script.
While the direction and screenplay do not have anything extraordinary, it delivers what has been promised. A story full of mishaps and regrets about love, sex, relationship, and money.

The film bankrolled by Anju Dhingra of A 6 Productions, hit theaters on 8th March.


Verdict : Is She Raju presents an old story trope in a new light.


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