No surveillance, no measures to make highways safe: Hansal Mehta

Filmmaker Hansal Mehta says that Indian highways are very unsafe as there is no surveillance and there are no measures taken to safeguard them.

Mehta expressed his disappointment on Twitter and posted: “Our highways are so unsafe. Yes, it is important to protect our border. It is also imperative that we don’t lose so many lives on our roads.

“Every day there are stories of gruesome deaths on our highways. Yet there is no surveillance, no measures taken to make our highways safe,” he added.

Mehta says that every time he goes on “the expressway to Pune”, he wonders about his safety as “rash driving, random lane changing and overloaded trucks are common”.

The “Aligarh” director also took a dig at the current situation of demonetisation.

“But then I wonder, maybe our lives are less significant. There are more pressing issues before the government – like demonetisation,” he posted.


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