Northeast music artistes rap about social, political issues

Northeast music artistes have rapped their way to put the spotlight on social and political issues.

Youth content portal launched the second edition of its music property Hip Hop Homeland called “Hip Hop Homeland Northeast” (a web series) with the launch of a rap anthem on Wednesday, read a statement.

The rap expresses the anguish of the region’s people on issues like identity crisis and human rights violations.

“Hip Hop Homeland Northeast” series introduces artistes and crews like Khasi Bloodz, Symphonic Movement, Cryptographik Street Poets and B-boy Kim. The highlight of the series is the 13-year-old rapper from Symphonic Movement who is rapping about social issues.

“Hip Hop Homeland Northeast” will chronicle popular rapper Feyago’s journey to find and collaborate with the region’s finest underground hip hop talent.

The Northeast edition also brings an interesting union of rap and baul (a particular type of folk song from Bengal) music composed by Feyago.

The web series will take the audience through individual profiles and stories of how each crew came together for the anthem for the northeast.

Cyrus Oshidar, Managing Director and Chief Creative Officer,, said: “Hip Hop Homeland aims to provide a platform for powerful self expression and attempts to show how kids in India are using hip hop to give voice to a young socially conscious India.”

The web series is now live on 101 India’s Youtube channel.


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