Parents must strike a balance with kids: Rukhsar

Actress Rukhsar Rehman says it is important for parents to be strict but they should also be calm and friendly while dealing with children.

One of the key highlights of her show “Mariam Khan – Reporting Live” is the mother-daughter relationship between Mariam and her mother, played by Rukhsar.

Rukhsar’s character of Madeeha is a strict mother. In real life, Rukhsar has a daughter too.

“As a parent, I have always believed that parents should strike a balance with their children. Be strict but be equally calm and friendly with them.

“Extreme behaviour in either scenario can either lead to the children becoming a rebel or receding into a shell. Hence, a balance is necessary,” Rukhsar said in a statement.

“Mariam Khan – Reporting Live” is aired on Star Plus.


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