Personal care products dominate online purchases: Survey

Personal care products still rule the roost in online purchases, a survey has revealed.

In the survey conducted by online shopping portal Deal Kya Hai’, 1349 respondents — 913 men and 436 women — answered 16 questions.

The survey shows that mobiles, electronic and personal care are the categories that invite most of the traffic and how women still seek advice from men before trying their hand on electronics.

It also highlights the increasing popularity of unboxed products, said a statement.

Some of the other highlights of the survey are that men are far ahead in buying personal care products than women. Also, women rely on advice from male colleagues or friends to buy electronic products.

According to the survey, buyers avoid purchasing high value products online on warranty concerns.

“The findings of survey are an eye opener in various ways. On one hand, it shows the categories which are fast movers and on the other hand, it underscores that other categories are in dire need of an online push. It also indicates the kind of untapped opportunities that exists for unboxed items,” said Amit Daga, founder of Deal Kya hai’


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