Playing antagonist can be challenging: Tarannum

Actress Tarannum, who is currently seen as Helena in TV show “Chandra-Nandni”, says playing an antagonist can be “really challenging”.

The track in “Chandra-Nandni” witnessed the grand wedding of Chandra (Rajat Tokas) and Nandni (Shweta Basu Prasad), following which Helena will be seen turning negative since she doesn’t like Nandni.

Talking about her character, Tarannum said in a statement: “This role has been pretty interesting for me. At first, I’d have to unlearn the proper Hindi because I had to develop a slight accent since Helena is a Greek princess.

“Over the last two months, my character graph has changed tremendously. Post Chandra and Nandni’s marriage, Helena is turning into an out and out negative character which is extremely crucial in the storyline and challenging for me at the same time. Playing an antagonist can be really challenging.”

In the show, Tarannum sports a contemporary look.

“She is a princess of Greek origin hence my look is different from my other co-stars. It takes me about an hour to get into my entire look,” she said.


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