Relocate a lot? Opt for smart furniture

Moving from one place to another is a hardship, especially when the furniture pieces you own are to be settled either by selling off at lower price, or carrying all over to the new place at an exorbitant price. Opt for compact and neat furniture, say experts.

Mahima Singh, Visual Merchandiser at Furlenco, a furniture rental company, Raman Narula, Founder and Managing Director of Formula Group and Formula2Ride (single window solution provider for mobility needs), have some tips to share:

* Space management: While moving into the new home, space is always the major concern. Furniture which is compact, neat and at the same time solves all your problems is the most in demand. The room corners are utilised the most in usual cases.

A multiple shelf unit which easily fits into a corner and gives you enough space to store as well as display your favourite articles can be a perfect match for your new home.

Another option of space-saving furniture can be an extendable dining table which can be converted to a four- to six-seater from a two-seater.

* Appliances: While relocating, one also needs to get the quick essentials like a refrigerator, mixer, grinder, and cooler. Rental services offer affordable combo packages for an individual to rent the bare minimum essentials to get you started with a normal life in a new place.

* Soft furnishings: It’s not always about the big pieces of furniture. Soft furnishings like a side table, a floor lamp, cushions and bathroom ensembles define the taste of an individual. They instantly give you a cosy feeling and are mood-enhancers.

* Renting versus buying: Renting is the solution to avoiding a huge investment for a short span. In comparison to buying and post-purchase guarantees, rental companies ensure free movement across cities with quick delivery, damage control, returns in case of change in cities and complete replacement or swap in required cases.


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