Saqib Saleem knows no limit for right script

Actor Saqib Saleem says he will go to any extent to get to the right vision of the script, but he has to believe in it.

The actor, who has featured in films like “Mere Dad Ki Maruti”, “Hawaa Hawaai” and “Dishoom“, added that it has become important for actors to go that extra mile to add believability for the viewers.

“If there is something or a material that I really like and truly believe in, then there is no limit. If I believe in the material, believe in the story that it is trying to say something which is going to bring a change, then I will go to any limit,” Saqib, who made his Bollywood debut in 2011 with “Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge”, told IANS over phone.

Explaining his point, the brother of actress Huma Qureshi said: “For instance, I have been doing a film — which has not been named yet. It also stars Taapsee Pannu. I play a gym trainer in the film and I believe in the story and the script so, I have put in six months before the film begins to get in the best shape possible.”

He says he believes that “if you are doing something, then you have to do it properly. You cannot do it half-heartedly. Otherwise, people also don’t enjoy it”.

“Now, people are so used to seeing so many different things and seeing what the world is making. We have to be, if not ahead of them, at par with them. We have to give people stories which are real, and which people believe in. So, we have to go that extra mile to put our point across.”

For now, Saqib is enjoying all the applause coming his way for the digital video “Censor Virus – The New Plague”, which takes a dig at the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC).

It is Pocket Aces’ Dice Media’s latest video sketch in association with the BakkBenchers. It is a satire on how freedom of speech in India usually comes censored, and also stars Kartik Krishnan.


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