Simple winter care tips for your dogs

Take care of your canines in the cold weather by preparing a comfortable warm bed and by giving them warm food, says an expert.

Swati Tandon, a pet expert at Whatspup, a website providing pet supplies, services and accessories, shared tips on how to keep your canines warm and flu-free.

* For cold nights: Dogs are the best hot water bags to sleep with at night but if you are not used to hugging your pooch and sleeping or if your dog doesn’t sleep in your bed make a comfortable warm bed for your dog.

* Warm and stylish: Keep your dog warm and chic in stylish jackets, sweatshirts and coats, but make them wear it only in the evening till morning when it’s cold, remember to take them off when it gets warm in the afternoon.

* Pampering and grooming: Bathing your pooches can get difficult and can make them fall ill also; try dry bathing them. You can also use dog perfumes and dog deodorants if they get smelly.

* Brush the mane: Make sure to daily remove the dog clothing and nicely brush the hair to keep the fur from matting.

* Diet control: Do not over feed the dog. Make sure to give him warm food and avoid food like curd and rice at night. Do not give them cold water to drink.

* Sunny walks: Keep the dogs indoor in the cold nights and morning; instead walk them in the afternoon.

* Heaters and blowers: Keep them away from heaters and blowers. Do not let them sit next to it.

* Keep them dry: Make sure they don’t get wet or stay wet as they can catch cold and fever.


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