Stefani performs after suffering ruptured eardrum

Singer Gwen Stefani, who ruptured her eardrum on a flight last week, performed with her team on an episode of show “The Voice”.

The singer cancelled a public appearance following the flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, but she appeared in good spirits as she took to the stage with contestants Brennley Brown and Hunter Plake for the top 11 results show, reports

The 47-year-old musician, who sported a jewel-encrusted top and white jeans, lead the group in a rendition of Coldplay’s “Fix you”.

On Monday, Stefani’s boyfriend and fellow “The Voice” coach Blake Shelton spoke about her health.

“She’s getting better. Something like that is just slow, when you pop-blow your eardrum out, I don’t even know how that happens. But, she says she can hear now,” Shelton said.

“She’ll be all right. She’s tough,” he added.


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