Studied how cyber crime division works for ‘Inayathalam’: Ganesh

Actor Ganesh Venkatraman, who plays an undercover police officer in Tamil thriller “Inayathalam”, said he closely studied how a real cyber crime division functions to play his part.

“I don’t play a khaki-clad character. Throughout the film, you will mostly see me in casuals and jackets. I play an undercover cop and I work closely with the crime wing. We spent some time with Chennai’s cyber crime division to understand how they work,” Ganesh told IANS.

The experience came in handy for the “Abhiyum Naanum” actor.

“We understood how they react to a situation and how they deal with a problem. With rampant growth in crimes on social media, it is shocking when we learn about some of the cases that these people have to deal with,” he said.

The film, directed by Shankar and Suresh, also stars Shweta Menon and Erode Mahesh.

Ganesh is also thrilled that his long-delayed Hindi project “Guns of Benares”, a remake of Tamil film “Pollathavan”, is finally slated for release in August.

“I play the baddie in the film. I’m used to playing the good guy so it felt different and equally challenging to play the antagonist. I’m eagerly looking forward to the release,” he added.


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