Susan Sarandon’s secrets to look young

Actress Susan Sarandon, who is 70 years old, believes staying curious has kept her looking young.

The 70-year-old believes the secret to having younger-looking skin is staying engaged, being inquisitive and to have a good time without smoking, reports

“I’m shocked to be 70 myself! I keep thinking I’m younger, and I feel that inside! It was kind of a strange moment, that milestone. The secret — I mean, honestly, I think staying engaged and staying curious and having a good time is really a lot of it. And not smoking is really important,” Sarandon told Vogue magazine.

The “Stepmom” star also thinks staying hydrated and avoiding anything too extreme has benefitted her complexion, as well as genetics.

“Also, I’m not really a drinker. I think a little bit of wine in moderation is probably good, but I think really if you drink heavily it’s not great. But I guess good genes. I thank my mother.” she added.


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