Sushant opens up on what he likes about Kriti (Movie Snippets)

Actor Sushant Singh Rajput finds a lot of similarities with Kriti Sanon and has opened up about what he likes about his “Raabta” co-star.

Bollywood’s gossip mills are abuzz with rumours about their off-screen bonding, but without divulging anything on that, Sushant said: “We have a lot of things in common. We have a similar passion, we are both from Delhi and from an engineering background. We have the same passion for films and want to give our 100 per cent no matter what.

“These are the things we like about each other.”

The actor spoke about it on the sidelines of the success party here of “Hindi Medium”.


Big B unhappy with Hindi cricket commentary

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan, who has a strong command over English as well as Hindi, is unhappy with Hindi commentators’ translation of cricket terms like ‘short ball’, ‘dot ball’ and ‘long leg’.

Amitabh, an ardent cricket fan, posted on his blog: “The cricket commentary seems rather amusing in Hindi… and I put in some reactions… so for those who are unacquainted with the game and its terms.

“They are calling the ‘short ball’… ‘choti gend’ and the ‘long ball’ the ‘lambi gend’ and I heard one that was quite funny… for the ‘dot ball’, they were saying its a ‘bindi ball’.

“I mean… a ‘choti gend’ is in size a small ball, not a true description of the ‘short ball’ the ‘short pitched ball’. Similarly with all the other terms… The ‘lambi gend’ comes from the ‘long ball’ the full length ball… and then the ‘dot ball’ as ‘bindi ball’… No, this is not a joke it is actually happening.”

The “Piku” star said that the “literal translations shall never be correct in sporting terminology.

“Let the original names of the terms be the same… Do not tamper… for if you do then what happens when one day we come to say… ‘long leg’ will it become ‘lambi taang’ and several other terms… ‘short leg’ will be ‘chhoti taang’,” he quipped.

“These terms do not in any manner describe the true position of the terms in the game,” he added.


Kriti rejoices over 7 million Instagram family

Actress Kriti Sanon posted a video on Instagram thanking her followers as she reached the seven million-mark on the photo-sharing platform.

“This means so much to me, thank you so much for being there. What’s really amazing is that in this one year I was really not there in terms of films because of shooting very special two films — one of which is releasing on June 9. Our Insta family grew from 2 million to 7 million.

“So you all were still with me, by my side, always, and giving me all the love that you do. Thank you so much,” Kriti said.

She thanked her fans by using puns with all her movie names and also spoke about her upcoming movies “Raabta” and “Bareilly Ki Barfi”.

Kriti is quite active on social media and keeps her fans updated about her whereabouts.


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