There’s unspoken bond between me, Namish: Prachi

Actress Prachi Tehlan says there is an “unspoken bond” between her and “Ikyawann” co-star Namish Taneja.

Prachi (Susheel) and Namish (Satya) have a competitive chemistry in the Star Plus show.

Talking about their on-screen chemistry, Prachi said in a statement:””Our characters are such that Susheel and Satya are always seen competing in every situation. Being taught to always win, Satya envies Susheel because she takes the trophy home. It is not your cliché romantic pairing where the two meet and fall in love””

“There is an unspoken bond between me and Namish and that is what makes us such great friends. We often spend time with each other’s families and there is no formality between us. I never feel shy or awkward around him whenever we have to do an action sequence”, she added.