TV content breaking the stereotypes now: Actor Tarun Khanna

Actor Tarun Khanna, who will soon be seen in the fantasy-based television show “Aarambh”, says the content on television is now breaking the stereotypes created over the years.

“TV is not being stereotyped nowadays. What is happening nowadays is TV is breaking the stereotype. Earlier, a demon was supposed to be fat and have a heavy scary laugh. Now they don’t make a demon like that… I played Raavan also in ‘Mahadev’… I did not do Ravan the way people essayed him earlier.”

“I am doing it like a human being, how a human would react,” Tarun told the media here on Monday.

He said he is happy to be part of a show of such a scale which requires not just a fit body, but also good oratory skills.

“My Hindi is as good as anybody else’s. I am a very good actor in my own eyes and thankfully in the eyes of the channel people as well… Normally what happens is that those who work very hard on their body, don’t have very strong oratory skills. They sometimes lack in the speaking department.

“These kind of shows actually run on how you speak. As artistes, we relate to people who speak very well — like Amitabh Bachchan and Dilip Kumar,” Tarun added.

Other actors present were Vipul Gupta and Rajniesh Duggal, who were dressed up as warriors, which are their on-screen characters, while actor Tej Sapru was dressed as the purohit he essays in the show.

The actors also performed a short skit at the Sun Temple in Modhera to promote their show, which is being directed by Goldie Behl.

Written by K.V. Vijayendra Prasad of “Baahubali” and “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” fame, “Aarambh” will narrate the clash of the Dravidian and Aryan civilisations — born and built out of two different existential needs.

Asked what was the significance of the venue, Tarun said: “Sun is the basic source of life. Sun God is the one who has given life to the people, living organisms on Earth. ‘Aarambh’ means when something starts. Sun Temple is auspicious… You start everything with the prayer to Sun God.”

“So that is why we are here to pay our homage. If we want to start something, then what better place to come'”

“Aarambh” also features Bollywood actress Tanuja, who will play the role of Hahuma, the spiritual leader of Dravidians. The Star Plus show will be a finite series of 65 episodes.


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